Sunday, May 21, 2017

Halloween goodies are jumping out of my sketch book..

and onto fabric. I just love my new design for the little legs and shoes on these new dollies. They stand on their own! Whoo hoo! It took a long time to get it just right. Look for them in future dolls!

This little Witch is listed in my etsy shop with her little Ghosty Friend Gary!

I hope you like them!! :) Have a great week! ~ Crystal

Monday, April 17, 2017

Oh No!

Only 6 months till Halloween. and I'm still making Daisies. But, I do love them so much so it's okay! I did a couple of things I haven't done in quite some time. On this daisy her little dress is all hand embroidered. I forgot how relaxing this is and you can sit outside and listen to the birdies. In my case the Blue Jay screaming and trying to peck my eyes out. As long as you don't make any sudden moves he will leave you alone. He will move on in the next week and it will be safe again. :)

Next I did a little Hag Witch, (because there's only 6 months till Halloween) I haven't done a doll face like this in a long time! She's needle sculpted and I had so much fun.

Moral of the story it's nice to take a break from the norm and try something new or old. You might be surprised at the results!

I'll be adding new witches like her to my collection this year. :)

They both are available in my etsy shop!

Click here to go to Etsy

Have an Awesome Week!

Saturday, April 8, 2017

Friday, April 7, 2017

The first Blooms of spring

I love these tulips, this is the first year I got to see them bloom. In years past the squirrels ate them.  :(  Nothing usually grows on that side of the house except for this vine that drives me crazy. I bought some shade bulbs this year to try and get a little color up front. Fingers crossed.


Friday, March 31, 2017

Anthropomorphic Goodies

I have a thing for little anthropomorphic food dolls. What's creepier than a little smiling pickle? But he's so cute and sassy. To purchase! This little guy visit him on etsy. :)

Cherries I just love these two. When your a cherry you always have a buddy! :)

Thursday, November 10, 2016

Pfatt Marketplace update Today!!

Today is the PFATT Marketplace update @ 10am pst and 1 pm est .
Carolyn and Sam snowman are there waiting for you! I really love this little fun set. They are crafted in my Grandparents image. When my Grandpa asked my Grandma out on their very first date he bought her a little Miss Just right Doll. She had that little doll hidden in her Singer sewing drawer for years not letting anyone play with it. Until of course I came along and found her tucked away. Everyday I came over, We lived next door, I would run and get that little doll sit with Grandpa and eat brawnswager (not sure I spelled that right, I haven't ate it since I was kid LOL) and crackers watching roller derby. No other grandkid was allowed to play with that little doll.
        One day I was visiting my Grandma and she got that little doll out of the drawer and gave her to me. Now she lives here at my house in my Singer sewing drawer. I would not trade that little doll for anything. Lipstick stains and all. 

I hope you'll visit Carolyn and Sam @ Pfatt Marketplace